Are Gary Fisher Bikes Good?

Yes, Gary Fisher bikes have a reputation for being good quality bicycles. The brand has a long-standing history in the cycling industry and played a significant role in the development of mountain biking. When Trek Bicycle Corporation acquired the Gary Fisher brand, they integrated Gary Fisher’s innovative designs and technologies into their product lineup.

Trek is known for producing high-quality bikes across various price ranges and cycling disciplines, and the Gary Fisher lineup is no exception. Gary Fisher bikes typically receive positive reviews for their performance, durability, and design. However, it’s essential to consider your specific needs, preferences, and budget when choosing a bike. Remember to read reviews, test ride bikes when possible, and consult with knowledgeable professionals to ensure you find the best bike.

Gary Fisher, the founder of Gary Fisher Bikes, is a mountain bike Hall of Fame inductee. He is also known as the mountain bike’s godfather.

gary fisher bikes

Gary Fisher Bikes – Brand History

Gary Fisher, a mountain biking pioneer, co-founded the Gary Fisher Bicycle Company in 1983. Known for innovation, the brand helped shape the sport. In 2001, Trek Bicycle Corporation acquired Gary Fisher Bikes, incorporating Fisher’s designs into Trek’s product lineup, ensuring the brand’s continued impact on cycling.

Please note that the founding and acquiring years mentioned above may vary from one source to another. We have written the years after consulting various sources.

Gary Fisher Top Models – Trek Inspired

You can still find Gary Fisher’s old bikes on eBay or with physical retailers.  Trek’s collection inspired by Gary Fisher is also great. Let’s check out their top 5 models.

2011 Paragon: A high-performance hardtail built for racing, featuring a lightweight frame, efficient 29er wheels, and top-notch components, delivering speed and precise handling.

Mamba 29er: An excellent entry-level hardtail with 29-inch wheels, offering a smooth ride, reliable components, and impressive traction, suitable for new riders exploring trails.

HiFi Deluxe: A full-suspension racing bike with advanced suspension technology, providing superior handling and comfort on technical terrains while maintaining speed and efficiency.

Rumblefish 29er: A versatile full-suspension 29er designed for all-mountain riding, featuring plush suspension, a durable frame, and responsive handling for tackling challenging trails with confidence.

2013 Cobia: A value-oriented hardtail 29er with a sturdy frame, dependable components, and smooth handling, making it a solid choice for riders seeking performance on a budget.

Why Gary Fisher Bikes are Still Good and Worth Your Money?

Impressive ‘Genesis’ Geometry

Gary Fisher mountain bikes feature the unique Genesis Geometry (Genesis 1 & 2), which enhances the riding experience. Genesis 1 shifts the rider’s weight and position for a more laid-back riding style, suitable for casual rides and accommodating different rider heights. Genesis 2 offers more stability and encourages aggressive cycling, making it ideal for long-distance mountain biking.

Impressive 'Genesis' Geometry

29er Bike Line

Gary Fisher bikes emphasize 29-inch wheel designs, providing greater comfort, stability, and swiftness. Their lightweight, stiff, and robust construction, combined with Genesis 2 Geometry, makes them efficient climbers. The 29er line offers both hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes.

29er Bike Line

29er Hardtail

The 2011 Paragon is an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight racing hardtail, featuring an aluminum frame and 10-speed SRAM shifters for smooth shifting. The Mamba 29er offers reliability and good value for entry-level riders with its aluminum frame, 9-speed Shimano groupset, and disc brakes.

29er Hardtail

29er Full-Suspension

The HiFi Deluxe is a fast full-suspension option, boasting an aluminum frame, 10-speed SRAM shifters, and top-end Genesis 2 geometry. The Rumblefish 29er is a trail-ready option with a lightweight aluminum frame, 10-speed SRAM shifters, and a crank, capable of handling various terrains.

29er Full-Suspension

Expansive & Improved ‘Gary Fisher Collection’ Lineup

Trek stocks 34 Gary Fisher-inspired mountain bike models, catering to a wide range of cyclists, from entry-level to serious riders. Most bikes come in five or more frame sizes and various price points, such as the budget-friendly 2013 Cobia hardtail with reliable SRAM components.

Expansive & Improved 'Gary Fisher Collection' Lineup

Sturdy and Lightweight Frames

Gary Fisher bikes primarily feature aluminum frames, which are lightweight, strong, rust-resistant, and comfortable for both entry-level and pro-riders. Trek’s limited lifetime warranty on these frames demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the Gary Fisher Collection.

Sturdy and Lightweight Frames

Wonderful Bike Specs

Gary Fisher bikes also excel in their components, featuring reliable and durable SRAM and Shimano groupsets. The disc brakes found on most models, even entry-level options, provide reliable stopping power in various conditions.

Wonderful Bike Specs

Gary Fisher Bikes Pros and Cons


Heritage: Gary Fisher bikes carry a strong legacy as pioneers in the mountain biking industry, known for innovative designs and technologies.

Quality: Integrated into the Trek Bicycle Corporation, Gary Fisher bikes benefit from Trek’s reputation for producing high-quality bicycles across various price ranges.

Design: With a focus on performance and durability, Gary Fisher bikes often feature cutting-edge design elements and technologies that enhance the rider’s experience.

Versatility: The Gary Fisher lineup has included mountain, road, hybrid, and urban bikes, catering to various riding preferences and needs.

Support: As part of the Trek brand, Gary Fisher bike owners can access Trek’s extensive dealer network and customer support services.


Brand Integration: Since Gary Fisher bikes are now part of Trek’s product lineup, some models might lose their distinct identity as the lines between the brands blur.

Availability: The integration with Trek may lead to a reduced selection of specific Gary Fisher models or styles, as similar Trek offerings could replace some.

Price: Quality and innovation can come at a cost, making some Gary Fisher bikes relatively expensive compared to budget-oriented brands.

Niche Focus: While Gary Fisher bikes have diversified, their primary focus on mountain bikes may limit options for those interested in other cycling disciplines.

Changing Landscape: As the cycling industry continues to evolve, some of the innovations and features that made Gary Fisher bikes stand out may become more commonplace, potentially reducing their distinctiveness.

Are Gary Fisher Road Bikes Good?

Gary Fisher road bikes are known for their quality and performance, benefiting from the brand’s innovative heritage and Trek’s manufacturing expertise. While not as prominent as their mountain bikes, Gary Fisher road bikes offer cyclists a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.

Is Gary Fisher Tiburon A Good Bike?

The Gary Fisher Tiburon is a hybrid bike designed for versatility and comfort. Its blend of road and mountain bike features makes it well-suited for commuting and recreational riding. Overall, the Tiburon is a good choice for those seeking a reliable, multi-purpose bicycle.

How much does Gary Fisher’s Bike Cost?

Gary Fisher-inspired Trek collection starts from $600 and goes up to $9000. Its high-end models are costly compared to other brands.

Do They Still Make Gary Fisher Bikes?

No. Gary Fisher bikes are not made any more as an independent brand. However, its current owner, Trek, makes Gary-Fisher-inspired bikes under the Gary Fisher Collection.


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