About us

Hello! We are Boot Scoot Bikes. Thanks for visiting our website and for taking the time to learn a little bit about our company and how we started!

While on a trip to Europe in 2007 with her husband and their one-year old, our founder Katie Stirling could not believe it as a toddler zoomed past them on two wheels. Amazed at the toddler’s ability, she began asking his parents about his bike. To her surprise, the pedal-less “walking bikes” had been popular in Europe for several years.

Once she returned home, she began to search for a similar bike for her son, but was shocked at the prices of the European wooden versions. Unable to find exactly what she wanted at a reasonable price, she decided to develop and manufacture a more cost-effective and durable bike and share them with you!

Now my family wants to pass on our passion for the outdoors as well and encourage your child to get outside and experience the freedom and movement that a Boot Scoot Bike can provide (works just as well inside too as long as the tires are clean)!

Boot Scoot Bikes are cute and extremely durable, making it possible for your child to teach a younger sibling how to ride whenever they move up to a more traditional bike. Best of all, your child will gain confidence and agility while playing and exercising outdoors.

Thank you again for your interest in Boot Scoot Bikes and remember…no one ever won the

Tour de France riding a trike!

Boot Scoot Bikes

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Phone: (855) 666-3900